T.M. Cobb - Logo for Marketing

Logo Pack

In an effort to provide an array of T.M. Cobb logos that will likely satisfy most design layouts, the following logo files are included in this T.M. Cobb Logo Pack:

Sample of Marketing Logos

Print Quality

3 Print Quality Logos that can be placed in your commercial print document and resized to fit your layout. These files are in the Illustrator EPS Format, so you will need an image processing program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign in order to use them effectively.

Web Quality

3 Web/Screen Quality Logos saved in PNG Format to support transparency.
This means you can place the logo on either a dark background or a light
background. The files are large in size to begin with, so you can reduce the size of the image in order to fit your layout. However, if you need to make the size of the logo larger, you may lose quality in the image. You can request larger size files for screen viewing from T.M. Cobb.